Discussions / Critiques of Subramanian Committee Draft NEP Report

Discussions/ Critiques of Subramanian Committee Draft NEP  Report 

The following references and links have been provided to a selection of the critiques and discussions of theDraft NEP Report, in addition to the recommendations provided to the Subramanian Committee.

Links/References to Critiques / Discussions on ‘National Policy on Education 2016‘, of the Committee For Evolution of the New Education Policy, (Subramanian Committee Report) – Nov. 2015 –

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Centre For Child And The Law, National Law School of India University, ‘An Alternative  Draft for Discussion :National Policy on School Education’, Submitted to Subramanian Committee, Nov. 23rd, 2015

Centre For Child And The Law, National Law School of India University,et.al., ‘ A Draft of Alternative National Policy on School Education’ , Submitted to Subramanian Committee, Feb 13, 2016

Comments and Suggestions of All India Peoples Science Network (AIPSN) Regarding the Discussion Document for framing New Education Policy, November 26,2015

Centre for Civil Society, ‘ CCS reform Ideas’ , January 14, 2016 http://nep.ccs.in/CCS+Reform+Ideas