Policy Development Jan.2015 – Oct.2015

Policy  Development Jan.2015 – Oct.2015

This Section consists of 2 subsections. First, a listing of Official Documents related to the 2015 New Education Policy(NEP)  concluding with  an outline of the consultation process and framework.

The second subsection, NEP Developments, Jan.2015 – Oct.2015, deals mainly with the progress of the MHRD – scheduled NEP consultations from gram panchayat to state and zonal levels. It chronologically outlines some of the important developments in NEP development – documents, strategy, MHRD schedule of consultations and its actual implementation till the formation of the Subramanian Committee at the end of October, 2015.

This Section does not cover the 3 principal policy developments which have taken place after   October 15, 2015 – the submission to MHRD on May 27, 2016 of the Subramanian Committee Report known as the  Committee For Evolution of the New Education Policy-2016; the posting of the June 29 MHRD Report entitled, “Some Inputs for Draft National Education Policy -2016”. on the MHRD NEP website for comments; and the formation of another MHRD Committee in June 2017 entrusted with the task of formulating the New Education Policy by December 2017

All of these 3 policy developments are covered in detail in subsequent sections of the blog.