This section refers to all NEP-related developments that have taken place, or events scheduled to be held, after August 1, 2015. This includes official documents, as well as other reports, meetings and seminars /workshops on one or more aspects of the 2015 NEP.

New Policy Developments

The agenda notes of the August 19th meeting of the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) on the MHRD website provide the following table:

NEP Consultations Completed Uploaded on as on Aug14, 2015

Level School Education Higher Education Total
Village 2425 2425
Block 56 21 77
ULB 1 23 24
District 4 4 8
Total 2486 48 2534

For further details of meetings held in each state, and plans to begin such discussions, see the MHRD website;

The data posted on the MHRD website indicate that less than 1% of the approx. 2.6 lakh consultations at the gram panchayat, block and local urban body level, that MHRD had expected to be completed by August, 2015, have been held. In most states, the process has just started, planning to start or no information has been provided. Clearly, the 2015 NEP document will not be completed as scheduled by the end of this year.

An update on the NEP website indicated that by September 2, 2015, when scheduled NEP consultations in all 669 districts were to have been also completed, the August figure rose to less than 8%. Only 7.5 % of all scheduled School Education meetings were held, while the corresponding figure for Higher Education was only 1.1%.

New Developments – Seminars/Workshops

1. The Consultation Process of the 2015 NEP was the first item on the agenda of the CABE meeting held on August 19, 2015. Nothing new was mentioned in the agenda, except that the agenda notes itself provided details on actual meetings held, which has been outlined above.

2. The University Grants Commission held a consultation on the following 5 themes of NEP at the Vigyan Bhavan on August, 11, 2015:  Improving the quality of regulation; integrating skill development in higher education; Gender issues; Disability issues; Private Funded versus Public Funded Education