New National Education Policy Report, 2017 –

New National  Education Policy Report, 2017 –

One of the most significant failures of the current BJP government led by Shri Narendra Modi has been its inability to produce the New Education Policy (NEP) – more than 18 months after its own self-imposed deadline of December 2015 to produce this report. Both the Union Education Ministers, Ms Smriti Irani and her July 2016 replacement, Shri Prakash Javadekar, are primarily responsible for this delay.

Ms Smriti Irani began the process of policy formulation in January 2015 setting an impossible deadline of December 2015 to complete the task. Since he replaced her, Shri Prakash Javadekar indicated in late 2016, that he was going to form a committee by December 2016 to redraft the NEP, and that his deadline for its completion was December 2017. Following in the cavalier footsteps of Ms. Irani, Shri Javadekar missed the Decemberdeadline of constituting this committee.

Six months later, and many more tours and publicised meetings held by Mr javadekar with organisations and individuals with nothing publcly concrete to show for it, he finally constituted the much-awaited new NEP Committee on June 24, 2017. While earlier in 2016, Mr Javadekar had set a year for the task, this Committee is now expected to produce a draft National Education Policy (NEP) within 6 months by December 2017!!

The following subsections will begin with providing  details on the members of this  new Committee,  and will be periodically updated to provide relevant details regarding the formulation and content of the New National Education Policy.