Discussions / Critiques of MHRD NEP Report

Discussions/ Critiques of MHRD NEP Report

Links/ Discussions –  Critiques and Recommendations on ‘Some Inputs for Draft National Education Policy 2016’, June 2016 –

This new MHRD  document, “Some Inputs for Draft National Education Policy 2016” was first posted on the official NEP website – http://mhrd.gov.in/nep-new – for comments to be posted by August 16, 2016.  From the beginning of August, translations of the document in other languages beginning with Hindi appeared and the deadline was extended to September 30, 2016. By the third week of August, translations had appeared in 11 other regional languages.

It should be noted that this 43-page document has selectively  incorporated perspectives from the far larger 2-Volume Subramanian Committee Committee  Report without ever mentioning the latter even once! Some of the following discussions refer to both Reports

Consultation organised by Tata Trusts and Council for Social Development in New Delhi, ‘Recommendations for India’s New Education Policy 2016’, submitted to the Ministry of Human Resource on August 13, 2016

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