This blog is a non-governmental initiative.

The current under-25 population of India is more than 600 million, which exceeds the combined total population of the United States, Russia, France and England. For them and future generations of India’s children and youth, the New Education Policy (NEP) is critical since it can chart significant new directions for their education and development.

Started in 2014, the  NEP is a work in progress spearheaded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. It is therefore critical to pay attention to the its formulation – the process and content of its ongoing consultations and reports  –  as well as the final NEP document and its subsequent implementation.

Such critically constructive engagements are imperative, since the NEP can have a significant impact on the education and development of millions of present and future generations of India’s children and youth, and also on the overall development of the nation.

This blog is an independent and individual initiative which focuses on the New Education Policy, and comprehensively features most of the official documents and processes, and also provides references and links to other relevant articles and discussions and critiques of NEP formulation. Though the NEP development  process began  in January 2015, more than 30 months later the nation finds itself in the second half of 2017 waiting for a New Education Policy.

And therefore, as it tracks the  formulation of this critical educational document, this blog continues to be  a work in progress.